Round 7 of Touge Battle wraps up the second season of the amateur racing series. Held in Clark International Speedway, the final round saw 23 participants for their last chance at the championship trophy. The championship concluded with veteran and newbie drivers as champions.

The final race for the Economy Class saw Gilbert Orpilla and Daniel “Elpaks” Leonardo III facing off for one more time. With Orpilla and Elpaks tied for the lead, the final race was crucial to both drivers. Elpaks put pressure on Orpilla which forces the latter into making a mistake, giving Elpaks the championship for the Economy class. Orpilla finished second overall while Jamel Alvaran finished third overall.

Newbie Brennan Lim won two class championships. Lim won the Premium Class championship with Diego Datu in second and Michael Pasumbal in third. Lim, with his Honda Civic Type R, also won the Newbie Class with Kevin Sugden in second and Edwin Garcia in third.

Race 1 class saw Moses Dumaguing moving up to the category in the finals. By this time, Shane Henderson won the race with his Subaru STI meaning Nico Mendoza and Moses Dumaguing would have to race for second. While the final race wasn't for the top 3 spots, the two ran an exciting race. The final race saw both drivers putting pressure on each other and driving on dirt. Mendoza however buckled under pressure giving Dumaguing, a Regular class driver, second for the day's race. For Race 1 Class, the championship ended with Paul Perez first overall. Nino Garcia finished second and Shane Henderson took 3rd overall.

For the Turbo + class, veteran Hernel Castillo dominated the field with his Subaru Impreza STI and ran away with the title. Another Subaru STI driver took second place overall with newcomer Kevin Sugden behind the wheel and third in Turbo + class was Tyrone Ongpauco with his supercharged Toyota GT86.

Apart from winning a race in Race 1 class, Dumaguing in his Honda Civic, had enough points secure the victory in the Regular Class with Jam Jimenez in 2nd and Jamel Alvaran in 3rd overall.

Race 2 Class saw Slalom and Autocross racer Jevoy Moreno taking the class championship ahead of Nino Garcia, who took second in Race 1, and Paul Perez.

For Race 3 Class, Vince Mangaoang defied the odds with his Honda Brio, winning the championship for the category. Russel Tan took home second overall and Edwin Garcia won third.

Touge Battle is organized by Aggressive Line Events and is supported by AUTOPERMANCE PH, C!Magazine, 2NER Magazine, Time Attack Manila, Autoindustriya, GEAR Autoculture, AEE Magicam Action Camera, Sushi Factory, and Vic B. dealer of Achilles Radials. For more updates, follow their Facebook page at FUEL: Touge Battle and Aggressive Line Events.