One-make racing is a motorsport category where all participating drivers compete using identical cars. With this form of racing, the emphasis on driver skill and expertise in car setup is needed to gain an edge over other competitors.

Locally, we have the Toyota Vios Cup as the best example of a one-make race series. But overseas, Toyota has been offering something a little bit faster. Four countries (Japan, New Zealand, Germany, Australia) have staged a one-make series for Toyota's rear-wheel-drive sports coupe, the 86.

But from 2023 onwards, that list goes to five. The Japanese carmaker has announced a new one-make race series called the “GR Cup” for North America. Furthermore, like in Japan, the seven-round championship will see the all-new Toyota GR86 put into racing action.

Toyota expands GR86 one-make race for 2023 image

Track upgrades for the second-gen car have been kept basic to keep costs down. Based on the specifications of the Japanese GR86/BRZ cup cars, they are only fitted with a roll cage, eyebolts for a six-point harness, an additional engine oil cooler, and new cooling fins for the rear differential.

It's likely that the US will also do the same, as the Toyota Gazoo Racing road car division is using motorsports to develop ever-better cars.

Sometimes, we really envy the things that other countries get. But who knows? After all, Toyota hasn't launched the GR86 in the Philippines yet. Is there a surprise coming? Fingers crossed.