Think you have what it takes to be the fastest in Gran Turismo Sport? Well, now is your time to shine. Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) will soon be launching the first e-motorsports program in the country with the upcoming GR Supra GT Cup Asia – Philippines this July 2020. Come out on top and you could be one of the e-sport racers that will represent the country in the Asian Regional Round later this year.

Want to join? All you need is a PlayStation 4, a copy of Gran Turismo Sport (physical or digital works), and a subscription to PlayStation Plus. You don’t even need to buy a steering wheel and pedals to be able to compete. A controller is all you need. Once you have the game, make sure you have the 2020 Toyota GR Supra (N400) in your garage as well. This will be the car you will be using in the one-make race series.

There will be two classes open to the public: Promotional and Sporting. The Promotional Class is for novice drivers with no professional e-sports background. Meanwhile, the Sporting Class will be for intermediate drivers and professional e-sport racers. Another class for Media and Celebrity partners will also be created.

For those wondering, TMP says it doesn’t matter what region your PlayStation Network Account is registered (Hong Kong, Singapore, even US). All you need to join is to be aged 18+ and have a valid Philippine passport. Not 18? You can still join the competition in the Junior Class. However, winners of this class are not eligible to join the international competition according to rules and regulations.

“Because of the current situation, we have decided to postpone VRF this year for safety reasons. The good news is, our waku-doki spirit lives on. This 2020, we are launching the GR Supra GT Cup Asia – Philippines. This e-motorsports program will not only continue Toyota’s racing legacy but will also discover the Philippines’ top e-Sports talents. We are very excited to find them so they can represent the country in our international races,” says TMP President Mr. Atsuhiro Okamoto

Vehicle settings, courses, and full details regarding the online lobbies, qualifying, and grid races can be seen at You may sign up for the GR Supra GT Cup Asia – Philippines here. Who knows, you might be the one representing the country in the regional round later this year.