There are an estimated 200 cars expected to participate in the third Tuason Racing School Raceday at the Batangas Racing Circuit from August 24 to 25. The event will include the Philippine Touring Car Championship organized by the AAP and Philippine Race Car Drivers Inc., where over 20 cars will compete in the 100 and 200 class.

Tuason Racing School (TRS) continues to be the longest-running and the sole local professional racing school for 15 years. The school aims to provide cost effective and accessible entry into motorsports for karting and circuit car racing that follows global standards. It also organizes grassroots races that create opportunities for new racers under the supervision of the school’s professional driving coaches.

The event will also feature the TRS – Bridgestone Retro Race where over 40 cars will be running on the track. What makes this race interesting is its exclusivity to cars manufactured in 1985 and older. This race, which attracted 30 cars back in 2012, will double as a running classic car motor show with Minis, Volkswagens, Datsuns, and a lot more.

There will also be the Track Attack organized by TRS, Stivo and Rota Wheels. The track time trial will focus on classes divided according to wheel horsepower. This will allow participants to gauge their performance against the professional race drivers.

The two-day event expects to bring in about 120 cars from Ford Club Philippines, Mitsu Club, LanEvo and ACE. While the track will be busy with races, the grounds will also feature the Batangas Motoring Industry Car Show Hot Beats.