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Vettel, Ferrari dominate 2015 Singapore Grand Prix


The Scuderia Ferrari F1 team dominated this year’s Singapore Grand Prix as Sebastian Vettel finished strong in pole while Kimi Raikkonen ended the race in third. Squeezing between the two Ferrari drivers was Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo.

From start to finish, Vettel managed to sustain his lead over the pack. Equipped with an upgraded Ferrari engine, Vettel cruised his way to victory and registered his fourth Singapore Grand Prix win. Despite the incident-packed race, the German maintained his composure and was never daunted as he finished 1.5 seconds ahead of Ricciardo.

On the other hand, the Red Bull driver never gave up as he tried his best to steal pole position from Vettel. During the race, Red Bull’s Ricciardo pushed his car to narrow Vettel’s 3 second advantage. In the closing laps, Vettel and Ricciardo traded fastest lap times, however the Ferrari driver got the upper hand.

Finishing in third was Kimi Raikkonen which secured Ferrari’s double podium since 2013. The Iceman was able to secure his position and finished ahead of Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg who cuts Lewis Hamilton’s championship lead to 41 points.

Williams’ Vatteri Bottas finished ahead of Red Bull’s Daniil Kvyat who started the race in fourth. Kvyat wasn’t able to secure his spot which allowed Rosberg and Bottas to overtake him.

Force India’s Sergio Perez finished in seventh and was able to keep the two Toro Rosso drivers behind him. Max Verstappen was trying his best to steal the seventh spot from Perez and he even defied team orders when he was asked to cede position to his teammate Carlos Sainz. As a result, Verstappen’s efforts were not enough as he finished in eight while Sainz ended the race in ninth position.

Completing the top ten was Sauber’s Felipe Nasr who managed to overtake Lotus’ Romain Grosjean during the latter part of the race.

In case you’re wondering, championship leader Hamilton retired for the first time in this year’s season as his Mercedes had technical issues.

Force India’s Nico Hulkenberg also retired from the race after colliding with Williams’ Felipe Massa. The incident happened during lap 13 as Hulkenberg ran into the Williams of Massa as it exited the pit lane. As a result, race stewards deemed Hulkenberg responsible for the incident and was given a three-place grid penalty for next weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix.

Joining the list of retirees was Felipe Massa who suffered a puncture in his collision with Hulkenberg. Moreover, his Williams had gearbox issues which forced him to call it quits on lap 31.

The two McLaren-Honda drivers were also forced to retire as Button and Alonso both had technical issues.              

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