If you happen to watch NASCAR, one of the things the racing series is known for – aside from turning left and driving in circles – are big crashes. Spectacularly big pile-ups happen in almost every race, ones that take out a good number of cars on the field. More often than not, the drivers also miraculously walk away from the crashes as if they were nothing. Heck, sometimes the cars even make it back to the pit on their own power.

At the 2019 NASCAR Daytona 500, there was once again another big crash. This time though, it was big enough that more than 21 cars were involved with just nine laps remaining in the race. To give you an idea on the extent of the crash, there were 40 cars racing during the Daytona 500.

The crash began when Paul Menard (21) made contact with Matt DiBenedetto (95), who had led for 49 laps of the race. As both of them were in the front half of the field, DiBenedetto spun off, setting a chain reaction where more than half of the field was caught up in a big crash. The crash was so bad that NASCAR was forced to call a red flag in the race, and took almost 30 minutes before the race restarted. Thankfully, all drivers involved in the accident emerged from their vehicles okay.

Watch a huge 21-car crash unfold at the 2019 Daytona 500  image

After the restart, Denny Hamlin was able to hold off the lead ahead of reigning Cup Series Champion Joey Logano and teammate Kyle Busch to win the 61st Daytona 500, marking his second win at the event.

While NASCAR may not have as much turns as Formula 1, the possibility of a crash occurring is greater considering how close the cars run. Also there’s less room for error to move away in case a crash does occur. This is probably one of the reasons NASCAR is also as exciting to watch as Formula 1.