Home court dis-advantage?

Today might be the day when playing at home is at a disadvantage. The Phoenix Suns are getting blown out by the Mavs on a Game 7 held in their home court, while over at Monaco, hometown hero Charles Leclerc has turned a demo run into some sort of demolition.

The current Formula 1 points leader has crashed a 1974 Ferrari 312B3 during the 2022 Historic Monaco Grand Prix weekend. Leclerc went backwards after he appeared to have lost control of the car while navigating through the tight Rascasse corner of the Monaco GP circuit.

Prior to the incident, Leclerc was driving the 312B3 on the limit and was seen kicking the tail out of the corner exits. However, towards the end of his second lap, Leclerc spun at Rascasse and damaged the car's rear wing. He managed to keep the engine running and limped back to the main straight. Later on, the Monegasque was caught red-faced, explaining that the car lost its brakes, hence the crash.

For the uninformed, the 312B3 was the predecessor of the 312T - the most successful F1 chassis in Formula One history that won 27 races, four constructors', and three drivers' titles from 1975 to 1980. The number 12 car Leclerc drove was previously driven by the late, great Niki Lauda, who won two titles (1975, 1977) with the 312T.

Leclerc, on the other hand, is leading the 2022 Formula One championship over Max Verstappen. But in his four outings at the Monaco Grand Prix, he's yet to reach the chequered flag. Seems like the hometown hero still couldn't catch a break on his home court.

He will, however, have two weeks to figure out how to break his Monaco curse, as Formula One still has the Spanish GP in Catalunya this weekend.