Akio Toyoda is probably the coolest automotive executive today. Not only is he the president of Toyota Motor Corporation, but he also actively competes in various racing series under the pseudonym “Morizo”. Best of all, he also has the skills to back it up. Don't believe us? Watch him do donuts and figure eights in a GR Yaris rally prototype in the video below.

In the video posted by Toyota Gazoo Racing, we get to see the upcoming GR Yaris Rally1 WRC prototype in action being driven by Jari-Matti Latvala, the current Team Principal of Toyota's WRC team. But Latvala wasn't the only one doing some driving. Toyoda also got behind the wheel of a GR Yaris to do some all-wheel drive skids and show off his level of car control. Later on, he was joined by Latvala for some twin donut action and lots of tire smoke.

Watch Toyota president Akio Toyoda do donuts in a GR Yaris image

Toyota has yet to reveal the specs of both the WRC-spec GR Yaris Rally1 and the GR Yaris driven by Toyoda. While the former will conform to new WRC regulations (which now require vehicles to use a hybrid powertrain), the latter appears to be a street-legal vehicle. It even wears license plates at the front and rear and looks relatively unmodified apart from the smaller wheels, chunkier tires, and red mudflaps. That said, it's likely the GR Yaris Toyoda drove is prepped for local rally competitions in Japan.

So if you're wondering why Toyota makes a lot of exciting cars lately, it's mainly thanks to their president. Without Toyoda at the helm, we might not see some of the cool cars the automaker makes today.