As much as it is about speed, racing is also as much about braking.  Brake early, brake late will cost you.  Whether it is a tenth or more depends on the severity of the mistake.

To give fans an idea of how challenging braking is, they have come up with Brembo Circuit Identity Cards for Formula One on

‘Each Circuit Identity Card graphic includes general characteristics of the track itself (layout, length, number of braking events and turns, percentage of time spent under braking per lap), along with technical information of the key braking zones, such as speeds before/after each brake event, braking time and distance, maximum deceleration Gs experienced by the driver, et al.’

Brembo gets comprehensive as well by including commentary from race engineers and a rating of the circuit’s braking severity (hard-Australia, medium-Malaysia and light-Shanghai).  The website also counts down “The Best Brakings,” a new feature that illustrates F1’s seven toughest braking zones based on five different parameters.