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What to expect from the Toyota Vios Cup Race Car


Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation is currently gearing up for the Vios Cup, a one-make race (OMR) series that features the latest model in their line up: the all new Toyota Vios.

The series will be open to customers who will be purchasing specially prepared examples of the Vios, with Toyota targeting a grid of 35 cars to light up the tarmac on the Clark International Speedway (CIS) and the Batangas Racing Circuit (BRC).

For this 10 race series, TMP is tapping the expertise of the Tuason Racing School headed by the team of JP and Jeanette Tuason.

What can you expect from the race prepped cars? Well, after a chat with the guys from TRS, the Vios will be fully stripped inside to shed as much weight as possible, and will be modified with parts from TRD Asia and OMP.

The list of parts isn't final yet, but here are some of the major components:

The target price for the cars is somewhere under PhP 1 million, more accurately in the PhP 900,000 to 950,000 range. Given the price of a Vios, along with about PhP 500,000 worth of TRD parts and other racing components.

The customers will take full possession of the car, meaning they will take it home after each race. To prevent any illegal modifications to the cars while out of the track, each Vios Cup Car will make a trip to the dynamometer (dyno) and the weighing scale prior to each the race to make sure it conforms to the horsepower, torque and weight figures prescribed by the organizers. The tire supplier will reportedly be Yokohama.

Toyota will also be including all the parts that were stripped from the car like the radio, stock seats, and even a spare dashboard as the stock one will have holes cut into it to fit the roll cage. All the spare parts will be in boxes, so the Vios can be reassembled in stock form should the owner wish to do so after the series concludes.

What do you think the Vios Cup car would be like to drive?

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