This weekend, on December 8 to 9, man and machine will be put to the ultimate test at the 2018 Philippine Tough Truck Challenge. To be held in Cagayan de Oro, the competitors will be facing off against each other, ruts, steep climbs, and thick mud.

Who will be crowned champ at 2018 Philippine Tough Truck Challenge?

The favorites to take the title for 2018 MAXXIS-NAsFOR driver of the year are Noel Bartolome Jr., and Jherico Lara. Bartolome Jr. currently sits at the top of the standings with four trials won this year. Lara on the other hand is in second with three wins under his belt.


The Tough Truck Challenge, which serves as the finale for the MAXXIS-NAsFOR series, will be a close one as only 12 points separate the top two contenders. Also, the two off-road veterans are buddies off the course and the they are not only aiming for the NAsFOR title, but also the title of Philippine Tough Truck Challenge champion. If one of them wins it, it will be a first for the series.

Who will be crowned champ at 2018 Philippine Tough Truck Challenge?

There are also two international drivers gunning for the Tough Truck Challenge title. Cu Xi Chang and Yap Soon King also have their eyes on the Tough Truck Challenge trophy. Xi Chang is a three-time winner of the Rain Forest Challenge, winning the title in 2015, 2016, and 2017. Soon King on the other hand is the runner-up of the 2018 Borneo Safari. Both will prove to be formidable competition to our local drivers.