The Williams Formula One team may be in dire straits as of late. Uncompetitive cars have led to lost sponsors, and there have even been reports that the company is actually looking to partially or fully sell the racing team are complicating everything for one of F1's proudest squads.

But finally, Williams has won something.

Earlier today, George Russell was able to secure his third victory in a row at the Virtual Azerbaijan GP.

Williams finally wins a Formula One image

After managing to secure first place in qualifying, Williams was able to cleanly get away from the pack once the lights went out. Not far behind Russell was Albon who started out in second. Throughout the 26-lap race in Baku, the two young drivers were in contention of winning the Virtual Azerbaijan Grand Prix, opting for different strategies to edge out one another.

On lap 8, Russell decided to switch from soft tires to a set of mediums, while Albon went for a set of hard tires. Russell believed that he will be able to stretch out the lead from Albon with a fresh set of tires. Initially, the strategy appears to not be working as Albon was able to stay behind Russell.

Williams finally wins a Formula One image

In the end, Russell was able to put some distance and took the checkered on the final lap. Albon had to settle for second place while Esteban Gutierrez of Mercedes-AMG finished in third place. With Russell victorious for the third time in a row (he won the Virtual Spanish GP and Virtual Monaco GP before), the 22-year old Briton was able to dethrone Charles Leclerc from the leaderboard who was only able to finish fourteenth place in Baku following a messy qualifying.

Russell may have won time and time again in the virtual racing scene, but can he translate his online victories to the real world? We'll find out this July at round 1 of the 2020 Formula One season opener in the Austrian GP at the Red Bull Ring.