It's easy for tempers to flare during a race weekend.

More often than not, it happens when one driver causes a collision and takes out other drivers, but it usually results in nothing more than a verbal argument and a bit of swearing. This karter, however, took it to a new level.

During a sanctioned CIK-FIA World Karting Championship race in Italy, young karter Luca Corberi driving for Tony Kart, was taken out during the race by another competitor, and his kart was sent to the barrier.

But instead of heading back to the paddock and licking his wounds, the driver was seen yanking off the bumper of his kart, walking up to the still active racetrack, and hurtling the body panel towards other competitors, presumably the one that took him out. And all this played out on the official race feed. 

As if what he did wasn't bad enough, later on, Corberi can be seen charging and assaulting the same driver he threw the bumper at post-race. And this played out in parc ferme, starting a full-on brawl. 

Young karter goes on rage rampage at official CIK-FIA event image

Mind you, this wasn't just any regular karting day; it is an FIA sanctioned event. It was actually the final round of the FIA World Karting Championship held at the South Garda Karting Circuit in Lonato, Italy. What perhaps makes it even worse is the owner of the circuit is the father of Luca Corberi. And yes, he also gets in on the parc ferme brawl.

We're sure the CIK-FIA is working out what kind of penalties to levy upon the driver and perhaps even the father. CIK-FIA president, ex-Ferrari F1 driver Felipe Massa, was also reportedly at the event according to F1 media personality Will Buxton. 

Young karter goes on rage rampage at official CIK-FIA event image

Several Formula One drivers have already spoken out over the issue, with 2009 F1 World Driver's Champion Jenson Button calling for a lifetime ban for the Corberi father and son duo on his Twitter page