Up for review are Dodo Juice’s Supernatural clay bar, Born Slippy clay lubricant and Supernatural Hybrid sealant wax.

Dodo Juice is a “boutique” brand of detailing products based in England, that is now available for its followers in the Philippines. A detailing clay is a substance that is designed to remove bonded contaminants from paint, leaving the paint’s surface very smooth, allowing easier applications of polishes, glazes, sealants, or waxes. Detailing clay is wiped gently across the paint which needs to be lubricated either with a quick detailer spray or with car shampoo on a wet car just like what other detailers do. Born Slippy is a dedicated lubricant that enhances the cleaning effect of a clay bar helping it glide across the surface. Supernatural Hybrid is a wax and sealant mixed in equal proportions, which can be successfully compared with expensive boutique waxes or hi-tech sealants. It also claims excellent durability and heat resistance from the semi-synthetic recipe.


The car used for this review is my Nissan Silvia S14. The car has been recently polished and waxed so the paint can be said to be in very good condition with minimal marring. For this review I wanted the car to be washed and polished properly before applying the sealant. This can be quite tiring to do by hand so I visited Speedyfix to have this done professionally.


After washing the car, the Dodo Juice Supernatural clay bar was used along with the Born Slippery clay lubricant. Due to the recent waxing of the car, the clay easily glided along the car’s finish without catching much contaminant. After claying it’s time to apply the polish with a buffing machine. The polish will not be identified since it is not part of the review. Let’s just say that it’s also a boutique brand available locally but not seen in stores in the popular malls. The polish goes on well and deepens the color of the paint and hides small scratches with its filling ability.


Now it's time for our last step product(LSP) which is the Dodo Juice Supernatural Hybrid. Hand application using a small foam pad went smothly due to the slickness of the polish. A curing time of 10 minutes was advised by the Dodo Juice local distributor. After buffing with a microfiber towel, the paint looked really shiny with a deep blue color. Dodo Juice claims protection for about 4 to 6 months but for our climate (which is pretty harsh to waxes) I would estimate that to be half or even less. The car sure looks better!