The rainy days are here. But with erratic weather where the sun will suddenly come out after a drizzle, the inevitable watermark stains occur on your cars glass surfaces. Microtex Car Care Solutions recently debuted their Glaz line of products for window glass and headlamps. We try out their Stainz’ Out heavy duty stripper and finish it off with the Stain Guard water repellant coating. The products are patterned after Glaco of Soft99 Japan.

We started off with washing the car and drying it completely. You can skip the washing process if your car is clean. Just wipe off dust from the windows to make sure you won’t be mixing unwanted abrasives with the stripping compound. We used a damp Microtex Wax Applicator to appy the Stainz’ Out on each glass panel and immediately buffed it off with a microfiber towel to avoid it from drying up completely and adding more effort required. Since the vehicle was relatively new, all of the light stains were completely removed.

Glaz Stain Guard

Once all the glass panels were cleaned, we then proceeded to applying the Stain Guard on all glass surfaces and side view mirrors as well. Once you completed the process, take the time to store the products while waiting for the coating to cure. After about 15 minutes, you can now use a microfiber cloth to buff off the excess coating and enjoy windows and mirrors that repel water.

The entire process took about thirty minutes on our test vehicle which was a pickup. Actual process times may vary depending on vehicle size. This included the curing time for the Stain Guard. Make sure you work in a well ventilated for faster process.

The product lasted for a good five months for the window panels, while the windshield coating lasted for about three months due to windshield washer fluid and windshield wiper use. It basically did what it was supposed to do. Water beads just ‘flow through’ the glass at speeds in excess of 60km/h. However as with similar products that are silicone based, you will see a minimal ‘haze’ on the windshield during the first week of use. It will eventually clear up as you use it. The products offer very good value at less than Php500 for both. The 70ml Stain Guard retails for Php249.75, while the 70ml Stainz’ Out retails for Php169.75.