RaceTech Suspensions is a brand most commonly associated with 4x4 competition and hardcore off-road vehicles because it was developed in such environment. Designed and developed by off-road specialist 199 Off-Road House through years of experience with trail and race vehicles. The brand debuted in 2011 offering specialized suspension for hardcore competition vehicles as well as extremely set-up off-road vehicles.

Racetech x 199 Quick Lift Kit

More recently, RaceTech decided to offer suspension upgrades for customers who simply want to give their pickups a little lift and improve their off-road performance or ride comfort on the road. The kit consists of: front and rear 4-way damping adjustable shock absorbers, front suspension spacers, and a pair of 199 Off-Road House rear lifting shackles.

Product Review: RaceTech Suspensions x 199 ORH Quick Lift image

We install the kit in our Ford Ranger to feel the difference with the extra 2-inches of ground clearance.

Product Review: RaceTech Suspensions x 199 ORH Quick Lift image

On Road

Primarily designed as a mixed-use suspension kit, the dampers offer a 4-way adjustment from soft to hard, we tried an initial setting of 2 for a more comfortable ride. However there was too much body roll on corners. Sliding underneath the pickup to flip the knob up a tick to 3 proved to be very helpful as it delivered the perfect balance of handling and comfort.

Racetech 4-way adjust shock absorbers

From low to high speeds, the suspension seems to be more stable while giving a ride comfort improvement. The longer stroke of the dampers will also improve road comfort theoretically.

Product Review: RaceTech Suspensions x 199 ORH Quick Lift image

Off Road

Out where the road ends, it performed consistently well on varied terrain from gravel, soil, mud and rocky terrain. We didn’t even both to switch the damping setting as it was already good enough. It will definitely take you through light to medium difficulty trails with ease.

Ford Ranger rear shackle


Overall the Quick Lift Kit by RaceTech Suspensions and 199 Off-Road House presents a properly engineered upgrade for users who want a relatively hassle free lift kit that can perform well on both on road and off-road conditions. It doesn't take long to install and the extra lift would definitely be good considering our flooded streets during the rainy season or storms which come out about just any time of the year nowadays. It is available at RaceTech Suspensions dealers nationwide at retail price of Php 40,000 inclusive of installation.