Ever had problems with stubborn stains or brake dust on your car's wheels? The wheels of a car are perhaps one of the most difficult parts to keep clean and shiny. They are after all one of the closest parts to the road (at least for most cars). What's worse is the heat generated by braking and motion virtually bake the dirt on the wheels.

Dirty wheels

We put the Sonax's Xtreme Wheel Cleaner to the test. The acid-free solution is claimed to be safe for all wheel finishes as well as unpainted parts like wheel bolts and brakes. It was formulated to remove stubborn dirt such as burnt-on brake dust, oil and rubber residue and other road dirt from steel or alloy wheels.

Using the Xtreme Wheel Cleaner is quite simple and straightforward. Just park your car in a shaded area, and wait for the wheels to cool down, then spray away.

Wheel cleaner in action

The solution will turn purplish-red to indicate its reaction to the dirt as it safely melts most of it away from your wheel's surface.

Use a sponge or wheel brush

You can additionally use a sponge or a wheel brush to take out more stubborn dirt.

Rinse with water

Hose it off afterwards or splash some water with a small bucket to rinse it off.

Clean and shiny wheels

Wipe dry and you have clean and shiny wheels.

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