Simple and practical cargo containment for everyone

Ever had the dilemma of putting grocery bags in the trunk and later find them turn into salad once you get home? Floor mat and cargo liner maker Weathertech thought of an ingenious product to solve this problem. It's so simple and affordable, you wouldn't think someone could actually make one.

According to Weathertech, you don’t even need to buy their mats to use it. CargoTech can be used on virtually any automotive cargo surface; carpet, painted metal, and even plastic bed liners. The "grippy" underside will hold on to the surface and is completely washable and reusable.

Set of 4 CargoTech

Each set comes in four pieces. You just set the product on your trunk or truck bed and put in your boxes, grocery bags and make sure you have a snug fit when you "hold" the items in place. Close your trunk, or tailgate after then just drive away.

Testing CargoTech

We get a set of CargoTech and test it out in our plastic lined pickup bed. The test "cargo" stayed within the "barriers" but had a very minimal forward and back movement due to a smaller contact area compared to the carpet or cargo liner.

We tried it on both a carpet lined trunk and a Weathertech lined surface and it worked as promised. The plastic truck liner was simply asking too much from it.

While they say that you can use this in virtually any vehicle, this product is more ideal for people with a sedan, wagon, van or SUV than a pickup user. 


Weathertech CargoTech is Made in USA and retails for PhP 2,300; exclusively available at S&R Price Club and select Blade outlets for the Philippine market according to Weathertech Philippines.