Turtle Wax products in the Philippines are readily available "off the shelf" at most malls.  One of their more recent products is the "Ice" synthetic polish. Based on their product literature, "ICE is a clear wax formulated with completely new technology that blends silicone and hydrocarbon polymers to provide extraordinary shine and durability". The product claims that it can be applied to rubber and plastic without leaving any white residue. The product comes as a kit which includes an applicator foam and microfiber buffing towel.

Instructions for use: Wash and dry vehicle. Shake well. Pour product onto sponge applicator. Spread a thin, even coat over entire vehicle. Wait 5-10 minutes before removing. Fold the microfiber cloth, using one side to remove excess polish from the car’s finish. Turn cloth over and lightly buff to a high gloss shine.

I used this product on my dad's black Mazda 3 which has not been polished or waxed in the last year or so. I would characterize the car's paint condition as that having a lot of micro-marring (detailer's term for minute surface scratches).

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When I first applied the product with the supplied sponge, I used it very sparingly and applied a very thin layer to the trunk of the car (I am used to this method with applying boutique sealants in my detailing arsenal). To my surprise there was no improvement in the look of the trunk although after wiping with a microfiber towel, the surface was very slick. I was thinking to myself how could there be no improvement in looks when this is marketed as a one step product (though labelled as a polish, this product cleans, hides scratches and seals the surface all at the same time).


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Moving on to the hood of the car, there was now more product on the sponge, I started to see the deepening effect on the hood's paint. It also now started to "mask" the minute scratches. So I used more generous proportions of the liquid on the sponge and this was starting to have a more desirable effect on the paint. You could see the almost instant deepening of the black paint as I spread the polish on the car's surface. I spread the product generously on the whole car. I then started cleaning off the lightly hazed portions with the microfiber cloth.

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Some parts of the car had streaks after buffing, the solution to this is to sprinkle a few drops of water on the streaks and then buff off once again with the microfiber towel. It took me a little less than two hours to finish polishing the car.

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I would say that this is a decent one step product easily accessible in the automotive sections of most malls. As with most one-step off the shelf products I don't expect this polish to be very durable. Most one-step products are done after three car washes and need to be re-applied. Time will tell though if this Turtle Wax Polish will buck this trend.

Easy to apply
Does not stain trim and crevices
Includes applicator sponge and microfiber towel

Tends to streak in certain areas
Needs to be applied thickly