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BMW vs Mercedes-Benz

Started by VTi-S, November 30, 2003, 12:55:05 PM

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Benz for executive...BMW for me, mean and aggressive...especially the M cars
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Benz for comfort and BMW's for fun spirited driving.

To compare a few stuff (all new models):
3 vs C I'll get the 3
5 vs E I'll get the E
7 vs S I'll get the S

M vs AMG I'll get the M (that's for all of them) although the AMG's are also very good cars.

Older models I'll get the BMW's.  A few exceptions are the classic Benzes like the Mr Slims.  8)

I might be biased though. :)  To each his own I guess.  ;)


Quote from: -Andrew- on November 30, 2003, 10:17:27 PM

of course may maybach pa ang benz na walang pantapat ang bmw. :)

on the contrary, BMW does have a challenger for the Maybach... it's the new Rolls-Royce Phantom! :)  (although it isn't really a BMW but BMW-engineered... which is a good thing. ;))

anyway, there are some models BMW and MB don't have, so as to complement each other in the market. BMW doesn't have an SL-class challenger (but they will have a CL-class challenger with the upcoming 6-series ;)) while MB doesn't have an X3 challenger. (a niche that BMW finally filled in! :D)

< jao >

Hi Guys!

I'd still like to have a Mercedes Benz. I have a W124 300E currently, it has been with us for 12 years now and it still performs well. The looks too did not age too much.

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Actually the quality of Mercedes Benz cars have been degrading a lot in the recent years. That is one of the main reasons why BMW has overtook Mercedes Benz in the premium car segment worldwide.

In fact, Lexus has even captured more market share and customer satisfaction than Mercedes Benz because of this problem. In the most recent JD Power survey, it ranked 26th in quality. It used to be 1st way back until 1993 which slid and improved in 1998. But after 1999 it just went on a nosedive as customers really became unhappy with their Mercs.

Mercedes Benz definitely has a lot of work to do since the ball is now on BMW's hands.


BMW 3 series or Merc c-class = no doubt c-class in terms of style and features... but for the engine i like the 3 series more

5 series or e class = i'd go for the 5 series....

7 or s class =  definately 7 series...

in my opinion it really depends... both of them are great... really depends on the model and preference that your looking for


3-series vs. C-class:  its a draw!
5-series vs. E-class:  E-CLASS!
7-series vs. S-class:  7-SERIES!
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pero ako i'd take a lexus in terms of reliability. :) oh yeah, i wouldnt mind driving a GS430 too hehehehe tulin nun! pero shempre in terms of comfort, mercs padin. may problems nga ang mercs lately eh. and ive read somewhere that they are turning it around with the release of none other than the carbon car $400K SLR.
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3 vs. C is a tough choice lalo na kung parehas top of the line...but i'd have to take C ;D

5 vs. E... i'd take the 5...

7 vs. S... S siguro para majority MB :D


another thing...
  here in the Phil, the service and/or maintenance of MBs suck >:( If im not mistaken, limited lang ang maintenance shop. I think CATS lang yung main? ???Unlike the BMW where the service centers are pretty impressive.


pati nga cats pangit ang service e  :(


ot na:

i agree... terrible talaga after sales ng benz dito!!!
:-X :o ::) >:(

btw...aside from cats there is commercial motors...
1. equally as bad if not worse
2. their showroom/service area is in pasig...looban!!!!  not even close to the valle area sana...not a very strategic place to put a benz showroom but somehow there is one there... and it is very outdated! palagay ko 80s pa yun or even older..di na in tune with the times!
3. sometimes i think/feel that the people in benz dont know what their talking about or doing:o

i have not experienced bmw here but i guess wala nang mas lalala pa sa cats and commercial motors di ba... i also like their showroom along libis compared to commercial motors...

but sa ngayon na sila lang talaga ang nakakaalam..i guess i dont have much of a choice but to fully trust them di ba? :-\


Doesn't Europhil in Makati still service MB?
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MB SL55 amg, The most powerful production model Mercedes-Benz has ever built, this is the best 2 door convertible.  The MB E55 amg, Quickest production sedan in the market with 469-hp, the M5 has only 391 hp.  But i prefer the new BMW 5 series on the design though.  

3 vs. e class - i'll take the 3 series
5 vs. e class - i'll take the 5 series
7 vs. s class - i'll take the 7 series
M vs AMG - i'll take the SL55 amg and the E55 amg, i think amg has the edge this time.  
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7 series..advance features sa interior...pansin ko lang sa MB madalas na auto nila supercharged engines not like the M cars, N/A tuning lang..btw ironic nga coz most of them are limited to 155mph...tangalin ang speed governor!
V10 - 5000cc - 507 bhp @ 7750 rpm - 520 [email protected] 6100 rpm - 8250 rpm - Front-Engine/RWD - 7-Speed SMG

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