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01 nissan patrol a/t - ok ba to?

Started by york1973, December 29, 2003, 08:22:18 PM

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guys ask ko lang opinion niyo about this car. ok ba to? may idea ba kayo running prices nito?


around 1.4M to 1.5M on average for the ZD30 turbodiesel model.  check mo lang ng maigi, early ZD30s (2000 and some 2001 units) have had a well-documented history of engine failures, due to a defective lubrication system.


29Dec2003 (UTC -8)

What year did the Patrol have the TD42? And what are issues to look out for?
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the GU had the normally-aspirated TD42 since its introduction in 1998, and a turbocharged and intercooled TD42 recently (just early this year i think)

based on aussie off-road forums, early ZD30s had a history of blowing up; the lubrication system was redesigned by Nissan in 2001.  there were also reports of 5th gear failures on M/T models that have seen heavy use; i think Nissan has since redesigned the parts involved.  also, some said that the door seals weren't doing a good job of keeping dust out.


All local GQ's had TD42's.

All local GU's have the ZD30.
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may nakita ako  03 patrol, 6Tkms lang. hindi ko alam kund ano tama na presyo. pls help

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