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upgrade path help

Started by icon, January 03, 2004, 10:46:02 AM

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I need to replace my busted speakers and thinking of upgrading. I just  have a few questions.
First, it's an accord and what I have now is all stock, stock and broke. HU is stock Alpine.
Pix of my front speakers. At first the speakers were rattling and then there was no more rattling, nothing more to rattle pala since it's completely torn.

Siguro budget for everything is around 20-25k. If there's something that I've learned reading the forums is to plan the whole system first even if you're getting them in stages.

I have to buy new seps first that's for sure. Planning to get a new HU as well, Alpine siguro. And also an amp and sub, 12" targa and fenton fa4300 siguro, as I don't really want to spend that much on the sub. I just want to add some bass and not really go boom boom all over. That would keep me satisfied na.

Give me suggestions naman on what seps and HU to get that would match the targa sub and amp. And if in stages kukunin, pano yung sequence?


for me hu first, tapos seps ang amp, then saka mo na isunod ung subs and maybe rearfills p kung kulang p para sayo!

sa hu pioneers lng ako familiar kaya id go for 7550 or ung DEH series are ok naman. depende rin if u wana play mp3s or kung ano ano p. for me pioneer kasi mas nde sha namimili ng cd na i-p-play.

sa speakers u cud go all out targa, they're sulit for their price! or maybe jbl for your seps, swak sa budget un!
gluk dude!
Team Rage (Racers, Audiophiles, GEntlemen)


first is definitely HU .... alpine is good investment IMO.

next would be seps ... consider either JBL, targa, or even kicker seps ... be mindful lang of the power wattage capacity of the speaker so you can decide better how powerful an amp you need to get.

thrid is amplifier .... if you can source good 2nd hand stuffs go for it. but if bnew consider either V12, silicon amp, or even JBL .... depends on how much is left on the piggy bank

fourth is the rest of the plans you have at any order i guess....  ;)

all of these will sound really really nice is you will consider this very important fact .... proper Installation is an important key as buying good products. HTH

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