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Arthur Tuason Cup

Started by johnadoo, November 19, 2002, 11:53:16 PM

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hehe nakakaaliw mga kwento nyo.
 anyway the one who won was a girl right? so hindi talaga sya beginner?

i didnt know there were celebrity karters pala. uti pa sila they have the money.
"race like there is no tomorrow"


Yes, I'm actually trying to get some rakets going so I can get some money and get a kart...  Benj is selling his for 30k, if anyone is interested.  It won 11th last Sunday  ;D
Walang talaga akong cash ngayon, baon pa ako sa utang because of the race last weekend.  I'm also still studying, so my only income is allowance. ;)
Hopefully, someday, I'll get the financial capability to support racing.
Ikaw ba Johnadoo, sigurado na ba season mo?  Manonood ako okey? ;D  Tapos pag nakaka 47 ka na, bigyan mo ako ng tips kasi, right now, I'm still baffled kung paano maka 47 sa Carmona. ;D


Sana matuloy yung season ko, im still looking for sponsors...i need around 190k for the whole season to be competitive!  Can you belive that?! I think i need about 20k per race weekend if i really want to win...pero there are "tipid" ways that would minimize that cost din.  Grabe talaga...I thought i would be spending less now that i have a kart na....

I believe to get 47s you really have to practice hard,(i remember pia practicing every single day before the race) learn the lines, have a balanced kart...(i think the on-board computer would help, at least you'll know your lap time agad)  Brake late,  Determination, flat-out on the first corner talaga....and most especially a rib protector.....hehehehe ;D


Finally got the pictures from the race!  Here are some of them. ;D

I hope this link works...


nice pics alucard. did you get those at JPs? grabeng mahal no? 100 bucks per pic!  ako nga i spent 1200 for the pics i got eh. Ill post them as soon as i scan them!


Yup, I spent 1000.  Mahal nga no? He had an explanation why it was that expensive... I forgot what it was.  Hehe, I guess it wasn't convincing! ;D I didn't have a choice anyway, and sayang naman if I didn't get them eh!


I finally scanned my ATMC photos, here's the link


Nice pics!  Funny you have that picture of Sheila Johnson pushing Ken Monzones...  Do you know why he seemed so sad in that picture?  Well, he was actually crying when the picture was taken.
Ken had his sights for the win.  He was the fifth fastest guy out there, and he was told that the four people in front of him aren't experienced.  The four were expected to crash into each other as soon as they started going head to head.  Apparently, these four supposedly were notorious for screwing up in the middle of races.  So anyway, Ken felt that his chances were good.
Unfortunately, as he got to the first braking point of the first race, he discovered that... HE DIDN'T HAVE BRAKES! Hehehe!
So, he ended up finishing 5th, right back where he started.  But I told him that wasn't bad at all!!!  I mean, how the hell can you not have brakes, but still end up in 5th place on a grid with almost 30 people?  Hell, the kid even managed to pull a fastest lap of 48 seconds without brakes!!!
I asked him how the hell he managed to do it and he said he violently twitched the kart upon turn in, in order to slow down.  He was trying to explain it to me, but I was just amazed man.  I felt like I really had a long way to go to be any good in this game.
So, that's why he was sad.  At the end of the day, they fixed his brakes, and he made a practice run pulling a fastest of 47 seconds, despite the kilos and kilos of lead on his kart.  Unfortunately, someone rammed his kart really hard early in the second race the next day, so he dropped to the back.  He lost all hope by then.  Too bad for Ken.  He just had a lot of bad luck that weekend.  But, he still managed to climb back all the way to 5th to finish the finals.


Reason why i have that pic....Im in the background standing.....hehehehe ;D

Yeah, that kid is really fast!  I guess when your young, you really throw caution to the wind.  I sometimes chicken out on the first corner, due to my 2 crashes there.  ;D  I really need to spend more time on the tracks.... ::)

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