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anyon having problem with frankienstien?

Started by nukee, January 20, 2003, 11:51:33 AM

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Hey guys,

Need help, I have a b18b/b16a head frankenstien.
Well, the only problem so far is that the vtec pressure or whatever the problem is unstable.

Sometimes i have vtec, sometimes i don't
What do you think guys?


i don't have one yet pero here's what i can advice from some notes of this setup.

oil pressure is unstable. r u using ur stock b18b oil pump? switch to the b18c/b20 or any aftermarket part s like from toda since the stock ones where meant for low pressure requirements of the non-vtec head.

second thing, check the vtec spool valve 2 oil filters. have it replaced with a new one. dirty oil supply coming from your sump may cause this problem as well. have the filters replaced plus do an oil change.

third, check the resistance of your spool valve between the GRN/WHT wire to body ground. it should read 14-30 ohms. the continuity should also be stable between this wire and terminal #A8 of the ECU.

fourth, check the spool valve itself inside the assembly for free movement. no hesitations should be present.

HTH :)


Hey, thanks clyde.

R u happy with your frankie?

Where is it installed? What's ur et?

I'll check all those things. Thanks for the help.

Hey, what oilpump are you using?


anytime man. that's what AI members are for, to interact, help and learn.

actually i don't have a frank yet. i'm facing a lot of dilemna sourcing out the necessary parts. i was planning to build this myself pero daming kulang like the manual tranny of a b16ef, ecu, oil & water pump... etc. i had a lot of research about this project way back and unfortunately i'm backing out kasi sa mga parts hardly available. much about this project which worries me is reliability issues. where to get head studs and rod bolts like ARP, doing the right machining job for the block as well as crank balancing, JE/SRP pistons, no local accessible dyno to tune properly this beast if ever. madami talagang constraints. BTW, i'm in saudi arabia if you may know.

the fastest e.t. i have seen over one board having the frank as NA was low thirteens having 180+ hp at the wheels. but take note, it's using skunk2 manifolds, rc 310cc injectors, JE pistons, Eagle con rods, ARP stud/head bolts, mugen program on a P28 ECU, CTR intake cam/valve assy and lots of goodies except a turbo ofcoarse cause it's naturally aspirated but revs 7600 with no problems what so ever.

quite hard to build this really but very challenging and rewarding at the end for sure. 8)

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