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Do's, Don'ts and FAQ's

Started by speedyfix, January 27, 2004, 05:55:52 PM

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Great info...this will reduce double and repeated inquiries.

Great job migs!

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Can I add some?

*When you experience a rapid deflation of one of your tires, slow the car down gently, not rashly!

*When changing your tire, block the wheel diagonally opposite the affected tire...

*Use jack stands if you are going to raise the car up for an extended period of time.

*Warm the car up after starting a cold engine. A minute or so is enough, I guess.

*Cool the car down after a long (or even short) drive. A minute or so for NA, 2 minutes for Turbo IMO. Helps getting a turbo timer for this purpose, even if you don't have a exhaust-driven compressor.

*Use the cheap unleaded fuels for your vehicle unless the manufacturer requires it or if you have extremely modified your ride.

*Observe the PMS of your vehicle, even if it's past warranty...

*Don't drink and drive. Don't eat and drive. Don't text and drive. Avoid distractions while driving, period!

*Don't drink alcoholic beverages, then drive. Drunk driving will lose you "pogi points."

Uhhh, thats it.
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speedy,mag tatanong lang po sir, ano ba mas ok sa dalawa, turbo b16 or b18c na . for ek body 99-00. reliable sya for daily use and race for weekend :) coz im planning one.,either turbo b16 with change internals or b18c na with change internals also. and alin sa dalawa yong mas menos gastos  ;) dahil kung mag turbo b16 ako bili na lang ako SIR ,at kung mag b18c, LXI na lang.   syensya na kung maraming tanong  sir ;)

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pare reply nalang ako sayo sa PM kasi kakahiya to do so here:)

check it nalang!
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do always check springs for the proper spring rate for your application.

do use short struts for lowered cars as to have a unbiased dampener movement
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Leepu Awlia

Do keep a notebook in the car and write down all the things youve replace and done to it with corresponding date and mileage.
This invaluable in keeping track of your progress and keeping a history of the car.

Did you know that if you have an A/T and you suffer an overheat, that you run the risk of damaging yout tranny too?
Thats because most modern cars have a tranny cooler hooked up to the radiator.
If you encounter overheating and you have an A/T, dont push it. pullover and stop driving it or youre gonna end up with a fubbared engine and tranny at the same time.
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may isang do's and don't ako para sa mga makukulit!!!
don't lower your car if your not ready for it...and don't complain that it's too low after lowering it! hehehe ;D
do's...lower your car and be happy as it is... do's... do be happy and content... don't come complaining that the ride is bad or nasisira suspension mo... do's, do accept what you got yourself into... "THAT'S THE PRICE OF PORMA FOOL!"


i dunno, salud din ako sayo speedy, but it think your thread will not be enought to remove or lessen the double thread and questions. It's just a fact fo life that some people are so kulit about so many things... Sooner or later people will forget and will keep asking again.... Buwisit....

Pero i hope your thread works for the good of the community....

Don'ts... Can everybody just stop asking about eh difference of the 4-1 and 4-2-1 headers... 5 years na yata ito tinatanong eh...


that's allright nukee. if it helps a couple of people then that's good enough.

you really can't help people from asking things again and again. BUT every time you feel like you couldn't answer another "difference between 4-1 and 4-2-1 header" question just think about what it felt like when wala pa tayo alam and we were asking (over and over again) the guys we knew,  the the same questions people are asking us now :)
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learned smething new today... thx



very informative migs... nicely done...  8)

i'll drop by your shop again soon dude...

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