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Started by JAY-V, February 01, 2004, 09:42:17 PM

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thank you guys for al lthe information :)


what happened to the article? cant find it anymore :(


Quote from: JAY-V on February 01, 2004, 09:42:17 PM
guys you might want to check our new article. its all about basic performance mods (i-h-e)

here's the link

so before posting a new thread regarding i/h/e check this article first coz the answer your'e looking for might be there already.

enjoy...  ;D


Tanong lang po... just new on this site.
i'm planning to change my exhaust to header type, kahit na lokal, okay lang... my car is toyota corolla wide body. can anyone recommend or suggest where i can get it replaced. Thank you very much...


^ I suggest Mufflerland, since they have a mandrel bender.  ;)


hi guys im a newbie and im planning to race my car. i just wanna ask if what is the best tranny to use in a 4efte engine for a better performance in drag racing? thanks


Mga paps tanong ko lng po. Time ko po sa quarter mile is 18.9s with stock engine (ph16) nakaheaders 4-2-1 tri y po & full wire tuck. Ano pa po ba pwde kong gawin to make my time lower pa? Gusto ko po sana all motor setup lng po pra pwde sa class na nababagay sa kanya. Tnx po sa inyong advice

Karl Engbino

Hi guys, may tanong ako, I have 205 40R 17 for my rear, and Ive noticed na masyadong malapit ung tire(sidewall) sa shock's perch(~0.3 inch clearance between shock and tire's sidewall). Yung shock's perch height clearance naman from the tire's tread is around 1 inch naman.

So the questions are

- Is the clearance of ~0.3 inch between the shocks(perch) and the tire's sidewall safe? Pwede ba ako magsakay ng mga 3 tao sa likod ng kotse?

- Is the clearance of 1 inch between the shocks(perch) and tire's tread safe?
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Sir dead link na po,, baka pwede pong pa send ulit ng link salamat po..

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