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Started by JAY-V, February 01, 2004, 09:42:17 PM

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hi... tanong ko lang bro may gumagamit na ng air bag suspension dito or hydro?


Quote from: single on September 11, 2006, 11:07:21 AM
isnt that what they normally use for 4x4 racings??? yan ba ung one time use only?

check them japanese buses that were imported here. iyong mga edsa na mga bus na hindi provincial, o kaya mga TAS trans na mga las-pinas to taft routes. yung iba ang gamit ay pneumatic suspension. usually ang air suspension is a bag of air na may valve sa taas nito. pag nagjounce nagcocompress itong bag na ito tapos nag oopen ung valve. tapos pag nag rebound na, iyong compressor nito naglalagay ulit ng hangin sa bag. parang spring lang din siya. benefits i don't know nothing of, siguro pwede mo i-control ang ride-height mo since ung air galing sa compressor siguro pwedeng i-control din.
Who am I? I am no-one. I do not know what you are talking about. I am a geek.


Quote from: single on September 12, 2006, 07:04:23 PM
just wondering... d kaya air brakes lang un?

actually iyong sa bus madaming pneumatic system, kahit ang pagbukas ng pinto kasama. pero ang heart ng lahat nito ay ang air compressor. ang system dun nakarely.
Who am I? I am no-one. I do not know what you are talking about. I am a geek.



bakit ganun.. ndi gumagana ung link? makikilagay naman po ng bagong link. thanks

gey-own ga?



salamat po sa link. it helps :occasion14: :occasion14:


hi everyone!

is it ok for me to buy a type r exhaust for my 97 civic? will this fit in my car? how about freeflow mufflers? meron kasi ako nakita na for sale sa "4sale" section ng ai.

also, what's your opinion on simota air filters?

thanks! :)


Where can i purchase a supercharger? for chevy optra 2007..kindly advise..Thanks!!


iam trying to find hard to find parts for 1987 toyota corolla fx16. i need performance parts like turbo kits clutches and cam gears.


what's the major modification to put in my jazz vtec?  ???
planning to upgrade ignitions, but the system has individual coils.


Type R Muffler is a good mod. Silent, but worth a few HP over stock... not as powerful, outright, as a good straight-through, but much quieter.

Supercharger? Try to do a websearch... there are taiwanese companies that'll ship. Dunno if they have for the Optra. But it'll cost at least 200k pesos. Just get a turbo.

Jazz? Only options are a chip upgrade and intake and exhaust, or a turbo. I'd go for modest exhaust upgrades and a cold-air and call it a day.


mga bosing, tanong ko lang kung san yung mga shops na nagbebenta ng diesel turbo kits tsaka naglalagay ng upgrades. tsaka kung pwede near banawe or manila. tnx :notworthy:.


nice article

basic pero good stuff  :thumbsup: :evil5:

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