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Help on my rav-4

Started by jay3na, March 21, 2004, 03:12:47 PM

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Whats the biggest tire and wheel combination i could fit in my rav-4? btw, i'd like to maintain my car's ride height even if i change suspension

i got my eyes set on 18's but i could settle for 17s if 18s wont fit.

one more thing - where could i buy performace parts for my car? like engine and suspension. I know TMP offers aftermarket parts but they're too expensive. Any other place you could suggest?

my car is a 1st gen 3door rav-4

thanks..  :)
got rice?


nakakita ako kanina falken 215/70r16 gand tindig  di halata naka 16 lang parang 18 sya......


used to have a 96 3dr RAV4 like yours. you can fit size 18"s all the way to size 20"s if you like.  It will all depend on your preference and budget.  for aftermarket suspension components there are lowering springs that are available for the 96 to 2000 RAV4 that lowers the ride height by 2 inches or so.  The lowering springs will work hand in hand with the bigger rims so that the gap between the fender and the tire will be reduced. Handling of the RAV will also improve a lot. engine mods?  an aftermarket short ram intake with conical open element filter will improve the performance although the engine will become somewhat noisier because of the induction noise of the tube.  There are also drop in sport filters from TRD and KNN that are available for your engine if you dont like the noise that goes with the Short Ram intakes.

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