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mp3 to cd software?

Started by MJ, August 23, 2004, 12:26:02 PM

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try mo din EAC (Exact Audio Copy), its a freeware...

i use it for both ripping cd tracks and burning mp3s to CDA.

don't forget to download and use the LAME encoder
aka Wrecker


Wave lab version 3.0 ang gamit ko ,lumang version na yun try mo yun bago . pang convert ko ng music files wave(cd) to mp3 or vice versa, pwedeng i -adjust ang volume kung mahina ang  original recording.

for burning  i use nero  ;)


I'm using Easy CD Creator platinum, it has the option to record non-stop (fade out-fade in) tracks on CD. Also has a lot of additional spices/twicks that you can do on your audio file before burning.



Download kayo nung K-LITE Codec the beta version. This is so far the coolest codec i got.

Tapos Use JET AUDIO. You can get the free version 6.+++
And this will rock you! It even has settings from mono to multiple stereo and 5.1 audio systems.

Ripping cds is easy with this, too. :D
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theres a lot of free warez on converting mp3 to cd. try ISO softwares...



uhmmm you don't have to download anything... Windows Media Player foe windows or itunes for mac can do this... ;)

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