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pirated or orig?

Started by orbos, May 05, 2004, 06:44:44 AM

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Paular Bear

me both, pirated pag hindi ko masyado gusto :) orig pang ung mga magagandang movies :)
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originals are the best... :)

but if someone lends me pirated versions, i watch them anyways
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Depende kung gusto ko talaga I would invest in original

Lalo na Audio CD. Pero there was a time na ako nag bu burn ng mga audio cd from mga MP3 compilations na naheheram ko.

Sa video Puro halos pirated talag... I'd say 85% of my collection.  ;D that would include AVI files and DIVX files ko na nasa DVD-R na.  ;D

Pero May mga orig DVD pa rin ako like T2-judgement day (region1 yung metal casing) Matrix (region 1) tsaka Lord of the ring trilogy (lahat galing astrovision- Region 1)

Sayang lang yung pinaka-unang orig DVD ko na "Saving Private Ryan" region 1 yun. Nawala!!!  :'(


for me... orig pag audio cd den pirated pag movies except kung pang collectibles tulad ng jackass the movie ;D


Audio: Limewire Pro
Video: YouTube, MetaCafe, LiveMotion, AnimeEpisodes, etc.
Software: Bitorrent

No need for a hard copy. ;)

Pirated CD's? Nothing beats University Mall for me.  :P


for cd's that i collect i buy orig. for everyday use i copy from friends or have it download. i wish i could affrs all originals though


hmm, this is a hard question, but depending on the situation if a particular CD is available in our area then I opted to buy the Original but if it's not, I tend to go torrent...


pirated for the simplest reason because its cheap....

For my xbox360 original because baka ma ban ako sa xbox  live hahahahaha


my ipod contains lots of music that i listen to almost everyday, before i just download them to my ipod but since nagpakabit ako ng audio system sa kotse nag start ako magcollect ng original cds to replace the ones i have in my ipod.  big improvement sa sound quality ung nga lang napapamahal ako but still i go with originals if budget permits...


for me orig pagdating sa CD's music ( meron kasi ako sound set up )

pero when it comes to movies haha pirated lang or download from torrent pag walang tym mamili haha  :thumbsup: :evil5:


it depends if you really like the album then go with the orig, but kun kaya sa limewire burn na lng.  :furious:

when it comes on movies i suggest orig, kaso matagal befor lumabas a market, pirated hndi pa showing meron na,  :notworthy:


i buy orig CDs but tempted to go the MP3 route because you scratch CDs when you use them often. but i still plan to collect more original CDs :)



Quote from: djdeejay on January 14, 2009, 11:15:55 AM
Go Legit..

I get original audio cds
Rip .wave format, also large format mp3
burn audio files on to a cheap cd
keep the original cd.
perosonal use lang. I can play the duplicate even on an old cd radio.
Sayang kasi ang original cd kung nagasgas. ;D
Quote from: Nacho Libre on August 31, 2008, 11:23:06 PM
...Some people get too hung up on hardware and technology and for


I still buy original CD's but the locally pressed CD's sometimes are of poor quality.

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