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My opinion about getting a good paintjob

Started by theveed, June 25, 2004, 06:44:32 PM

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alberta ford

totoo po ba yong pag nag pa repaint dami pasikot2x sa mga papers sa LTO??


Quote from: alberta ford on April 30, 2010, 12:48:02 AM
totoo po ba yong pag nag pa repaint dami pasikot2x sa mga papers sa LTO??

The proper way is to secure a change color permit is before having the car painted. What some people do is paint the car then secure the permit. That's the harder way to do it, because how can they verify what the color used to be? Then that's where the lagay comes in.

alberta ford


Quote from: pegasus on December 29, 2009, 01:59:32 PM
k92 is made by keema in valenzuela bulacan
talaga?? kala ko imported ang k92! ang mahal eh!hahaha
ano pang ibang brand and urethane?


mga sir, inquire ko lang, saan na ba located yung shop ni Zinggoy? wala na yata dun sa Pasig? Thanks

Paint Buff

i agree with the time alloted for preparing the car. i'm new at this forum but i've been a car lover for a very long time, i actually just had my mazda 3 painted at this shop called "Kar Salon". they do great paint jobs there and they have the proper tools to ensure a quality paint job. you guys should check them out. what's good pa is that they have warranty and the paint you will choose will be reserved for you so that you are assured that in case you scratch them again, the paint for your car will always be ready to just spray out. it's along ermin garcia street cubao.


Question here, why do you need to "rub down" the car after applying the final clear coat? Does it uses rubbing compound?



Quote from: eboitot on August 09, 2010, 08:33:06 PM
talaga?? kala ko imported ang k92! ang mahal eh!hahaha
ano pang ibang brand and urethane?

yung car ko k92 yung ginamit na paint...para sha anzhal pero ang pag kaka alam ko na difference ay mas shiny sha at wet look....its been 9 months since pininturahan oto ko and all i can say mas makintab talaga sha kesa sa dating paint ko which is anzhal...satisfied ako sa quality output ng k92  :)

Quote from: turbogoth on December 13, 2009, 11:54:36 PM
Sinu sinu ba ung recommended paint shops???

for me sir base from experience ma rerecommend ko po Trickedout Autoworx wowie po nag paint ng oto ko at wala ako masabi...quality, reliable, honest service (may malasakit sa oto) ...sulit ang can text him to inquire...09166201901

Tricked Out Autoworx
custom paint and bodyworks


I actually agree to the author... enough time of car painting will make the car to look good. but also, we need to consider the paint brand of course.
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J-L from


Sir ask ko lang kung ung hilamos is 20 - 30k magkano naman ung strip to metal? and as far as I know. they will remove all the rubbers glasses etc. pano pag ibabalik un? mag fit pa din ba ung mga rubbers na tinangal nila or do I need to buy a new one?


Helloooooo!  :wav: I have a question lang po. I know that the post talked about how neither the brand of the paint nor how much the paint costs were important but what about the type? I'm planning to have my car repainted and my friend said that a Gloss, Metallic, or Matte finish would look good. I just wanted to ask what the difference is and which one would be the best. Thank you.


Gloss metallic gives a glossy or shiny effect, while the matte finish gives a dull, no shine finish. It all depends on what you're trying to achieve
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Di ba ang main difference between the Gloss and Matte is the final stages ng finishing process? The way the clear coats are sanded down and polished varies, which can also be distinguished sa texture ng painted surface. Metallic seems like a high gloss with the added sparkle i.e. the flaky looking dots that also reflect light.


I'm a newbie here.
I just want to ask po, because I am planning to have my car repainted.
The paintshop seems to have a good reputation, not just in the paint it uses and in the skill of the painter, but also through personal testimonials. Haven't tried but I guess the comments I have read somehow proves it.

Ang question ko lang is I also plan to have my windows re-tinted, and my mags changes. Is it alright to go with the tinting and mags first? (knowing na iingatan naman siguro ng paintshop yun) Or is it better to really do the paint first?

Medyo nag-iipon pa rin kasi ako ng budget for the paint and nag-aallot ng time..


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