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235/50 or 255/45 for 18's?

Started by -cardo-, July 17, 2004, 10:31:23 AM

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Hey guys,
Help me decide! Which would be better for an SUV with 18 inch wheels?

235/50's or 255/45's?

I checked the measurements and konti lang difference

With the 45's I get 4.5 inch sidewall. With the 50's, 4.6 inch. Surely 255 are better(and more expensive) since wider sya and it'll have more grip. What are the other pros and cons for each tire?

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with SUV's, i prefer the wider ones, 255/45. but it's your own choice... the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.[/b]


depends siguro sa mags mo at type of suv na paglalagyan
yung iba kasi de bagay yung masyadong malapad na gulong



I prefer wider tires for SUVs and sport trucks as well ;D


Wider tires will cause your truck to tramline more and give a harsher ride, heavier steering feel and aquaplane in the wet. But they definitely look better. :)
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check what is better for your rims. how wide are they?8in? 8.5? let us know para we can let you know what will be better:)
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