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Micro machines anyone???

Started by Eikichi Onizuka, July 19, 2004, 01:09:24 PM

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Eikichi Onizuka

guys Im curious about the old Volkswagen Kombi?!??!? Im looking to own 1 someday but can anyone tell me something about the parts, maintenance and gas consumption of this humble classic? I once ask some of my friends who own a beetle, they said that the parts are hard to find and it is vey difficult to maintain? is it true? I thought the Beetle is one of the so called "PEOPLE'S CAR" experts I need your help here.....

Another vehicle im very curious about is the capsule look alike SUZUKI HI-JET one of my friend is thinking of buying one and he also wants my opinion about the maintenance and parts availability of this cute mini's hope you can also help me with this good sirs..

Your opinion is in need. Good day 8)

See you soon guys!!!


try contacting vw club of the philippines..  ;)

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