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Latest restaurants you've tried

Started by R-A-Y, July 24, 2004, 09:58:10 AM

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Well since the latest topic about this has already been locked (maybe since it was almost a year ago or something) I decided to go make a new one for those who would like to place their feedback on the latest restos that you guys have tried :) I know Clickthecity has got the list, but then it doesn't have the quality feedback that it can get from the actual patrons ;) so just post your feedback here so that it can be a reference for people who would want to try out some places, wheter it be a the popular carinderia next door (There's a place in UP that I have heard of. waiting to try it out soo :D ) all the way into those sleek and swanky places

Me start ;D

MYLK: The outside appearance may be misleading (believe me that's the reason why I've never tried it before), because of its solid white walls coupled with other contrasting colors and sharp edges and corners,  but the food is excellent. A foreigner business partner tried  it out and he said it's one of the best places he has ever been to in the world! I agree :) Very quaint place with the touch of 'just like home' bed and breakfast atmosphere since some of the menus are just listed in some blackboard. The food is basically the collection of international dishes with no thme whatsoever. And it works! You can eat Chinese for appetizers and then Meditteranean for your main meal and they blend well with a glass of Australian wine. A good overall place that appeals to family and friends :D


Amoroma in Legaspi Village, near AIM and Greenbelt. It's a really nice Italian Resto, kinda homey in appearance, but the food is really nice, not too expensive either. Atmosphere is perfect for dates  ;)
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mr. kebabs! :P

meron din sa aurora...i forgot what name... malapit sa anonas..for 100 bucks....lahat mura! for under 100 bucks busog na busog..guaranteed!

yun nga lang hindi aircon atsaka kung buksan na nila yung videoke machine...medyo masakit sa tenga ;D

if its in greenbelt...

well bang for buck is cafe bola... no frills... food at reasonable prices

if you love potatoes... bubba gumps.. been there once..but didnt try their shrimp :P...US servings!...galit sila sa patatas hehehe


chef ed's near the ateneo which is next to ponti hehe

i had a buffet for a relative's grad party so i dont know the name of the food, but its good is all i can say.
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teriyaki boy

not really the latest restaurant that i've tried but it's the 1st place that i have in my mind right now...hehehe

*there's this brazilian resto at rockwell that  was featured on's good according to the review



Located at the third floor of the new Fort complex where you find Gonuts Donuts and Fitness First. I first saw this when my gf and I were scouting for a place to bring the whole barkada to and it looked like a good place to chill out. And it is :)

You get to pick to either stay in some tables with hard wooden chairs (a bit ouch) or on the couches with low tables and large pillows. Good lighting. Very ambient. Food is pretty much ok. A bit steep though so be prepared to spend. Even we were caught off guard but then we really wanted to try the place out. It is more of a bar/lounge place.  The bathroom is also something to talk about. When you enter it, you feel like you're gonna go get a massage with the eucalyptus oil burning a low light that really relaxes you ;) Add to it a good al fresco balcony for that great way to end the week :)

And as for the music.... now this is the best part :D I'm a fan of the chillout and chillhouse (Brent, Elvin, and Jewo would know so you guys go check this place out ;) ) brand and this one did not disappoint. Wave after wave of melodic rhythms that go well with the cocktails they offer. If you listen to 89.1 when the Blue Room program is on, you will know what I am talking about :) I have an old high school friend who sometimes plays there and I have heard he rocks the house. I have to try and catch him one of these days.

I think it's a pretty new place and this one deserves a bit more recognition. Really great place if you love to listen to this kind of music and just take it easy ;)


Recipes sa GB III! masarap na mura pa! ;D
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T i a n a n m e n!
(Makati Ave.)

Super cozy, chill-out relaxing music.. and the food!

Mmmmm! :)


masarap ba dun sa Spaghetti Factory sa Glorietta? wanna try this out kaso out of cash ako nung time na yun.. kaya uwi na lang ako :)


Quote from: cornelius on July 25, 2004, 04:06:30 AM
Recipes sa GB III! masarap na mura pa! ;D

agree. da best yun beef stew nila dyan.
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The latest I tried was Chef d'Angelo at Robinson's Place, Manila.

Super sulit and super sarap :)


Quote from: -Andrew- on July 25, 2004, 08:17:33 PM
agree. da best yun beef stew nila dyan.

For me it's their General's Chicken that rules ;D !!!


i suggest everyone should try <b>dannylicious</b> at project 4, quezon city [just behind j.p. rizal street]. dami tao lagi kasi sarap ng mga barbecues and other inihaw treats.

and the best part is, hindi mahal! even corporate-looking people come over to have a taste of mang danny's inihaw.

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Quote from: R-A-Y on July 26, 2004, 12:19:17 PM
For me it's their General's Chicken that rules ;D !!!

ako din... gen chic da best!!!
a bit of rock & a whole lotta soul


Quote from: smaw^ on July 25, 2004, 11:50:24 AM
masarap ba dun sa Spaghetti Factory sa Glorietta? wanna try this out kaso out of cash ako nung time na yun.. kaya uwi na lang ako :)

I tried this before. imo nothing special you can get better food for the same price.

Tried Cena in Greenbelt. A bit expensive but the servings are good enough to share

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