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Latest restaurants you've tried

Started by R-A-Y, July 24, 2004, 09:58:10 AM

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I tried the "grass fed" burger from the Down to Earth stall at Salcedo Market last Saturday.   the patty was large, juicy, and flavorful. the vegetables were fresh.  I have to say, it was P200 well spent!  :thumbsup: :eat:


Kitchen in greenbelt 3 has some interesting fusion cuisines, like "On Barbie's Cue" Basically a grilled surf and turf on sticks smothed in some pesto-like sauce.


In New Manila, we love Dezato for being a bit secluded (all the way at the end of Hemady Street) and has good food with free Wifi. Mochi balls are the star of the show here :D


Here's another one :) (Wow parang ako nalang yata nagpopost sa thread na ito ah...)

Gayuma ni Maria. They used to be in Katipunan. Now in Maginhawa. Their Beats Sex Anyday Cake seems to have changed, though...


Head to the Oakroom in Oakwood for some fancy dining. Good food din :) Maybe that's why Trillanes picked this place before to stage their mutiny :D

Medyo mahal lang yung kanila "mix-mix" (Halo-halo) 330 bucks! Pero for sharing naman :D


Tried 22 Prime last night and it was really disappointing. I had Surf and Turf, the steak was overcooked, the shrimps were overcooked. The sauce was too salty and I already have a high tolerance for salt.


In Maginhawa area, BRGR: The Burger Project. One of the best tasting burgers I have ever tried! And you can get to customize it, too :D

Good buffalo wings and onion rings too :D !!!



Mooon Cafe
The Walk
Asia IT Town, Cebu

Mexican BabyBack
Oh Sh!t I'm Late Again!!!



Gobo Buffet @ Traders Hotel, KL. A bit expensive but I say its worth it!

happy holidays...


Ramen Santouka in Glorietta. Ranks well in the top three ramen shops in Metro Manila for me so far. I had the Shoyu Char Siu Ramen, it had generous amounts of tender and tasty Char Siu and serving size was quite good for the regular sized bowl.


Went to Penongs last night with my family. We enjoyed it alot.  :rock:


Has anyone tried katsu cafe in katipunan? Pretty good place! :)
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Quote from: chicco on April 10, 2013, 09:25:11 PM
Has anyone tried katsu cafe in katipunan? Pretty good place! :)

i did. okay naman

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