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NANKANG Tires for SUV/Light Trucks

Started by abort_retry, July 24, 2004, 06:08:17 PM

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im looking into replacing my 1 year old Falken Ziex Tires(285/60/R18) into something more silent but have a good grip. for me falken street tires are way too noisy. good grip but noisy....

would you recommend NANKANG NS Light Truck Tires for a Ford F-150? i see some Pajero's and Patrol's with bling bling mags fitted with NANKANG Tires. i dont want to spend too much money on these new tires because i rarely use my truck. in fact my 1 year old falken tires are still looking fresh.

should i go ahead and buy those NANKANG Tires? my second option is DUNLOP. its a few thousand pesos higher than NANKANG.

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