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Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape

Started by Brent, August 06, 2004, 09:23:43 AM

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Wow I forgot all about this for quite some time :o

Anyway, I highly recommend the 7th installment of this series :D . You can download it right here:


Kinda forgot about this treasure trove for several years (eight years to be exact!). Just rediscovered it again over the weekend. Truly a great way of discovering new music and new artists for free in a legal way. They're currently on compilation #51 and it's also on a new link now.


wow! really to good to about this mixed tape series. downloaded #51 and it had some pretty cool tracks. best thing of all is it's free! thanks Brent!


Mixed-Tape #52 is now available. Nothing like good, legal and free music.

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