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Mobil semi-synthetic

Started by namron, November 20, 2002, 07:30:15 PM

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Why can you say about semi-sythetic oils? What does it do to your engine? Why does it cost much more than other oils? Is Mobil brand good?



semi-Syth is placed in between syth and regular oil. It contains additives/chems that will not break down as easily as regular oil but not as concentrated or not as high grade as fully sythetic. Mobil 1 is a good brand. brands I trust and have used in some applications: Valvoline, Castrol, Redline,
Mobil 1/0.

mobil 1 info:



mobil 1 is the best motor oil i know and most of all its cheaper. Better use the fully synthetic mobil one than the semi synthetic. Mas gaganda ang performance ng engine at titipid sa gas at mas matagal ang change oil interval.
Stanley So
-who said im a fake?????-


for older cars, better use semi-synthetic ones...fully synthtic oils may be too thin for worn out engine parts...

for more info and other options you can also visit:


chief, how much are the semi-syth?
what grades available?

trd 888

what's the classification of havoline energy . . . is it semi-synthetic or mineral?


mineral with additives yata classification nila dyan.
i emailed auto_xer, nirerefer nya sa akin yung liqui moly. susubukan ko nga e. 20w50 semi-synth.

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