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Engine Quick Troubleshooting Guides Part II:

Started by clyde, October 21, 2003, 06:40:45 PM

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XII. Engine surges while holding accelerator steady:[/b]

1. Intake air leak.
2. Fuel pump faulty.
3. Loose fuel injector wire harness connectors.
4. Defective ECU or information sensor.

XIII. Engine stalls:[/b]

1. Idle speed incorrect.
2. Fuel filter clogged and/or water and impurities in the fuel system.
3. Distributor components damp or damaged.
4. Faulty emissions system components.
5. Faulty or incorrect gapped spark plugs.
6. Faulty spark plug wires.
7. Vacuum leak in the fuel injection system, intake manifold or vacuum hoses.
8. Valve clearances incorrectly set.

XIV. Engine lacks power:[/b]

1. Incorrect ignition timing.
2. Excessive play in the distributor shaft.
3. Worn rotor, distributor cap or wires.
4. Faulty or incorrectly gapped spark plugs.
5. Faulty fuel injection system.
6. Faulty ignition coil.
7. Brakes binding.
8. Automatic transaxle/Continously Variable Transaxle (CVT) fluid level incorrect.
9. Clutch slipping.
10. Fuel filter clogged and/or impurities in the fuel system.
11. Emission control system not functioning properly.
12. Catalytic converter plugged.
13. Low or uneven cylinder compression pressures.
14. Obstructed exhaust system.

XV. Engine backfires:[/b]

1. Emission control system not functioning properly.
2. Incorrect ignition timing.
3. Faulty secondary ignition system (cracked spark plug insulator, faulty plug wires, distributor and/or rotor)
4. Fuel system malfunctioning.
5. Vacuum leak at fuel injector(s), intake manifold, air control valve or vacuum hoses.
6. Valve clearances incorrectly set and/or valves sticking.

XVI. Pinging or knocking engine sounds during acceleration or uphill:[/b]

1. Incorrect grade of fuel.
2. Ignition timing incorrect.
3. Fuel injection system faulty.
4. Improper or damaged sparkplugs or wires.
5. Worn or damaged distributor components.
6. EGR valve not functioning.
7. Vacuum leak.

XVII. Engine runs with oil pressure on:[/b]

1. Low oil level.
2. Short in wiring circuit.
3. Faulty oil pressure sender.
4. Worn engine bearings and/or oil pump.

that's about it for now. next chapters will be Engine Electrical System and Cooling System [/b][/i] quick troubleshooting.

Drive safely and avoid street racing.  ;) [/b]


i wonder what happened to the electrical and cooling system guides   :o


mga sir to correct ignition timing, what do you do? do i have to change the timing belt po ba or i-correct lang clearances ng mga valves?

normal lang naman po di ba na magkaron ng ingay ang valves/tapets kapag uphill tapos mababa po ang gear nyo?


sir gudday,you may change timing belt if it has reached the runnung hours,otherwise kung medyo ok pa wag na muna.the toppet clearance when the last adjustment? you have to take note or make a can make adjustment with the timing as long you have an inductive timing just check on your underhood decal how many degrees would the adjustment, its either BTDC or ATDC chek mo lang ilang degrees.By the way,dont forget na itutok yun timing light sa timing marks.The timing light has instruction how to use.Check mo rin you tube for video clips panu gawin adjustments.advise ko lang wag masyado asa sa mga mekaniko d lahat yan marunong or nag-aral or has a proper training.mas ok kung matoto at kaw mismo gumawa.


sir good day po! ask ko lang po anu mga possible cause bakit lumalakas sa konsumo ng gas ang sasakyan? my car is honda96 civic.... bali 150php kasi sukat ko na halos 30-35 km ang kaya takbuhin nun... pero ngayon nasa 22km palang umilaw na yung gas gauge ko.. bakit po kaya??? thanks po!! wala po kasi ako gano alam sa kotse...


Thanks for this wonderful information. Very helpful. Keep it up sir  :)


I did also change my timing belt.. Possible din ba to adjust the timing? Coz medyo parang may maingay na sounds like ng mga valves/tapets! Possible ba na yun ung problem nya? Beside biglang bagsak idling ko pag naka aircon.. D15b dual vtec engine.. TIA!


Sir Pahelp po. ano po reason kung bakit mababa yung idle ng toyota vios ko 2009. Nasa 600 rpm lang po yung pointer nya. medyo hirap po ako kapag uphill muntik na ako mag stall. napalitan narin po yung spark plug at nacleaning na rin yung throttle valve.  ginawa ko disconnect ko yung batt terminal para reset yung ECU pero ganun parin rpm nasa 600 rpm. ano reason kung bkit ganon yung idle.

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