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online Vehicle Repair Guide

Started by clyde, September 05, 2004, 06:56:43 PM

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Manual for the Corolla Wide Body, sino meron? Papost naman dito, for sure madami makikinabang. DIYers like me, pati na si manong taxi ;D.  Pa post or email naman sirs, [email protected]



hi guys!

i have an EK Civic, and i was really interested in accessing the online manuals.

i've tried both the glenridge link and the hondahookup link.  funny thing is both of them don't seem to agree with me.  i cannot seem to finish downloading the hondahookup link ("damaged file").  and the pdf file in the glenridge link refuses to open in my acrobat reader.

anyone else who has tried to access these links with any success?



hehe naunahan mo ako clyde, napost ko palang sa classic celica at sa toyota3tc at sa GT haha sobrang napatalon ako sa saya nung nahanap ko to hehe hassle pag old car hirap maghanap ng info  ;D  

p.s. naunahan ng ilang taon.. hehe recently ko lang nahanap , from googling around hahahaha dakilang bulag talaga, tagal ko nang AI member ngayon ko palang nahalata ito ??? hehe pinoint out sakin ng isang GT member ;D
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any repair manual for 96 mazda 626 AT.. thanks


I have an online service manual for 7thgen civic that I'd like to share. I just don't know how I can share this with you guys. May kalakihan ang zipped file (130MB + 170MB).

If anyone here knows where I can upload such a file that anyone in AI can access please teach me how  :)


you said it's already online so no need to upload it somewhere  ;) just post the link here  :)

you may find most of honda service manuals as previously posted in the first page of this thread. just register and download them for free.  ;)


Sorry bro I was not able to explain what I meant by "online". The file, when extracted is on .html format. Meaning you can view the contents using your browser. All links/pages are saved in your PC. You won't need to be online to see the manual actually.

I tried to download a manual from hondahookup. I found that it's the same as my copy, except that the one I got from hondhookup is in pdf format so it's kinda hard to browse the contents.



it's ok man  ;)

paki post na lang yung link whatever you have online so others can benefit aswell  ;)


I am looking for nissan sentra manual. Thanks for posting the link :)


sana meron din png revo 1rz-e 2.0 thanks!  :)



Quote from: jazzy on November 14, 2006, 02:35:00 PM
I am looking for nissan sentra manual. Thanks for posting the link :)

nissan and other automakers manuals:  :)


anybody who can give me links where to buy computerized car diagnostic tool?


would anybody know or have service manuals for toyota revo 99 glx?...have service manuals for accord 99, anybody need them, just notify me...tnx

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