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Started by clyde, September 05, 2004, 06:56:43 PM

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marti luis

Quote from: bruce on September 27, 2004, 11:44:29 AM
cool! meron din ba na pang-EG? :)

I have a mazda rx7 79mdl.I need recommendations where to bring it for restoration.ty!



for civic 2006 up (FD) our team mage syndrix made it available for us...

you can download the selective honda EPC

Honda EPC download

ito yun preview

cd key:  SKHC95467

matutuwa yun marunong mag intall at magdownload  :D  pag hindi nyo ma download kasi more than 1Gig PM me i burn ko na lang sa DVD.

You need Power ISO software or WinRar 3.71 (or latest version)  to uncompress the file.

you can download EURO Civic Service manual in ENGLISH...  ;)

Download Honda Civic Euro Service Manual

ito po picture ng Service Manual Euro Version

bket ka pa magdadownload kung may specific ka lang gusto makita  :D

try my link ( Pang IE lang po ito, d ko sure kung gagana sa Mozilla..) this is not a 100% link.. PM me for a broken link.

Honda Service Manual


It's been a while. Link doesn't work anymore.  :(

Quote from: clyde on October 10, 2004, 04:45:46 PM
more Helms Honda manuals for download as .pdf files containing the following makes and models:

88-91 crx/civic Sohc d16a6 and euro Zc Motor  
88-91 Dohc Vtec B16a  
88 - 91 Civic
92 - 95 Civic
90-93 Integra
94 - 97 Integra
98 - 01 Integra
92-96 Prelude
02-03 RSX



meron bang pang 99-00 lang na civic?


can anyone post sites where i can download manual for lancer 1997 (pizza pie) for free? most of them via per-purchase only.

The Jordan

The real question is.. when you turn your car on, does it return the favor?


You may try following this link. This is where i got my manual for itlog 96.
They have lots of service manuals free for downloads.  :rock:


Thanks for sharing the useful links.


Sana sir meron po pang mazda 323 Gen1 :applause: :newbie:


we recently bought a 2000 mitsubishi galant "shark type" could you help us on where to acquire its parts (font shocks) and the cars user manual. thank you!


...and we 'drive' our cars on the 'parkway' and 'park' our cars on the 'driveway'...


gud day to all im a newbie here

ask ko lng po, ive got a lancer singkit 89 model

mausok na puti ang engine pg tinanggal ang takip while engine is running and pati pag inangat ang dip stick pero sa tambutso po ay di mausok. normal ba yun sa gntong uri ng ssakyan?

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