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Lowering Springs or Side Skirts?

Started by < jao >, September 08, 2004, 04:04:31 PM

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EK3 Ferio

You got upgraded rims na pala. Skirts nalang yan! :P I lower mo di pumanget pa ung ride and lessened ground clearence which is a perk when you buy sport-cutes over cars. ;)

rota wheels wrx

Depends on you use and tolerance to ride.

If your plan is make the car look lower and thats it. I guess skirts will do. This will not change handling and ride characteristics

If you want a little better handling then springs is better. Of course the ride may be stiffer

Personally, I never put anything in my car that does not improve performance so I would go for springs than skirts


for me alng a
anu palang mags binili mo
how big?
kasi ang dami ko na nakita na rav4 na naka skirts de syado maganda in my opinion lang and mukahng eroplano na
for me nasa mags mo na yan nadadala naman kasi e
kung maganda mags mo and tama yung size and kapal ng gulong gaganda na sobra rav4 mo
may kakilala kasi ako sv rav4 niya nilagyan lang ng 19 na mags mganda na nagdagdag lang ng fender at roof rail so for me depends talaga sa mags kung maganda ang mags mo kahit de kana mg lower at skirts ok na sobra



mags na maganda swabe!un bling bling! :o


lower it... put 18's or 19's...
don't buy skirts na...  :)


yup i agree, lower nlng... mas simple mas maganda  ;D

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