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Which is better WMA? or MP3?

Started by -cardo-, January 23, 2003, 10:27:44 PM

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It doesn't matter much on which is the better format. As long as your Head Unit can play the format then it would be better. I asked that question to my sis dati p. Ang sagot nya s akin eh pareho lng naman daw compressed file format kaso kung wala kang codec/s useless because you cant play it. Tsaka ang magdadala nga pala ng quality isnt the format but the "bit-rate". Malalaman mo yung bit-rate ng audio file if you use the basic windows media player on your computer. The higher the bit-rate, the better the sound quality. Try for example downloading a song in two or more different bit-rates. Then after play mo. Tsaka mo understand yung explanation ko. Kaso nga lang the higher the bit-rate, the higher space it will consume on your storage either cd, dvd, flash drive, Memory cards, etc...


The ubiquitous mp3 wins over the WMA for convenience and practicality. As far as bit rate is concerned, personally anything above 192kbps is useless if you're playing it on regular stereo equipment.  Unless you have canine ears, telling the difference between a 252kbps song versus one that's been ripped at 192kbp is almost impossible.


MP3 is better than WMA because of the sound quality. but if you after smallest compression as possible you can use WMA but you will loose a lot of sound quality from WMA format.


WMA has FAR better sound quality, though the files are much larger. Personally, I think Mp3's are overrated. Just fit whatever WMA's you can, and when you want more you can delete those you don't like. I'd much rather go with quality over quantity.


..the question is the sound quality. And it's no brainer, definitely MP3 format!  :thumbsup:

dwight payne

MP3 but it will depend on the bitrate.. 128 is the standard i think..

alberta ford

MP3 because I can play as many as I want depending on the capacity or the storage that is used.  :banana:


Mp3's much better bro. Madalas naman `yan ang format ng music tsaka mas less sa virus.  O0

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