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how many mp3 songs

Started by MJ, October 05, 2004, 12:46:47 PM

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can be put in a 256MB capacity? approx.? planning to buy this small nomad muvo by creative. thanx


Depends kasi on what bit rate the MP3s are.

The higher the bit rate, mas malaki iyong file.

In general 128 kbps na mga 3-4 minute songs ay nasa 3-4 mb.


if you want more songs to cram, convert them to AAC or WMA formats (mas maliit AAC) or better yet, OGG vorbis. mas maliit yung compression and not noticable naman sa normal na tao yung diff (assuming earphones gamit mo)


ok thanks, so approx pala mga 50-60 songs. i think enough na yun habang nag wo-workout.  ;D

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