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alarm indicator light... help sa wiring

Started by megj, December 28, 2004, 12:44:34 PM

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Car theft is rampant now-adays, so i'm putting two alarm indicator lights inside the car.

- I'm trying to hook-up two alarm indicator light. one sa corner nang dashboard and the other one sa may loob near the panels.
- I have two different indicator lights, ung isa dual bulb, ung isa single bulb lang

Problem is, when i hook up the single bulb, hindi na gumagana ung dual bulb? so i still end-up with one indicator light!!!

What do I do? do i need a capacitor for the dual bulb? if so, what kind/type of capacitor? Or do i do something with the wiring?

Btw, the bulbs are the same as like the ones sa wiper led washer unit or yung mga type-s na moodlight...



Sir hard to give advice dito sa forums regarding your query. Dalhin nyo na lang po sa isang auto electrician HTH.

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