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help me nmn oh....

Started by smarty_thug, January 25, 2005, 12:40:37 PM

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 :-\hello there!!! i would like to ask kung ok na po ba yung set up ko and what i can have...(ideas...)

my ride is 1995 mitsubishi pajero, all in stock, but last year i added the following:

- MP3 pioneer the silver one......(i think its the one of the oldest model)
- 12" L7 solobaric box 34"x34"
- DLS amp for my 2 subs (ive forgot the model....sorry...)
- 1 pair of DLS speaker reference type (front)
- DLS amp for my speaker (again, ive forgot the model, but it said it can drive 3 pairs of DLS reference type spekers)


- 7" tv screen roofmount
- DLS speaker 3 way (for the front also)
- DLS amp 4ch
- DLS 6x9 speaker or DLS reference Speaker
- PS2 which is detachable (coz i have at home)

thats all....can u pls help me with this.......i almost spend 80k in this ride......

o by the way, its work from KID AUDIO in binan laguna.....hes the one who plan for this and behind this......


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