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KIA K2700 OR L3FB?

Started by turbolarge, March 19, 2005, 06:44:26 PM

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Guys which of the 2 light trucks is ok?
Pls. give your comment i am planning to buy a new one for our deliverytnx.


L300 FB bro. :) Veteran na ito. :)


KC2700 for me.  It exceeds the L300 FB in all parameters including payload, convenience, power, safety, and comfort.

The newest ones are even tilt cab if I'm not mistaken.  Laking tulong sa maintenance.
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Eikichi Onizuka

Ey nakita nyo na ba yung bagong K2700? hanep parang space ship

See you soon guys!!!


For me FB na ko, spare parts are abundant and ok ang engine nya it can last over a decade!


For me it all depends on your purpose. Both are able vehicles, with a little plus points on the KC2700 bec. it is much much newer than the "old school design" of the L300.

If you need the space of the KC2700, then go for it. Otherwise sa L300 FB na lang.


for me mas matibay ang L300 FB, yun ang mga truck namin sa office 200++tkms na buhay na buhay pa

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