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NEWBIES Welcome! ;D

Started by the_butcher, April 07, 2005, 10:22:55 AM

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To newbies (and to old members narin ;D )

Ai is always an evolving community where we try to make it the best online pit stop for your automotive needs and just to have fun getting to know everyone :) So of course we would want that everyone feels welcome with how things go along :)

That's why we encourage comments and suggestions to be posted in the U-Turn section :) But do search first because the topic may have already been discussed ;D

Again, welcome newbies and hope that you join us in our monthly gatherings :)

To the old people and fafas, see you guys soon :)


Welcome to Ai! :D see you guys on the upcoming EB's! ;D
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Hello!!! hope to join you guys in one of your EB's:D

im selling car lcd's!!!
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newbie here! ;)

F_ranz of Angeles City



another newbie here. :)                rcl_inno  from tarlac


Welcome aboard! Hope you guys join us in the future EBs.


just want to say hi to the AI team and to my fellow "newbies"

long time no post for me. :) :-\
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I'm also new here, been visiting A.I. for a long time na. Very informative, helpful and friendly forum. More horse-power!!!  ;)
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Ey guys! i'm the oldest new guy around. glad to be here :D


Quote from: unFIT on October 19, 2005, 02:08:27 PM
Ey guys! i'm the oldest new guy around. glad to be here :D

I doubt you are older than one of the members here. Hehehehe ;D (Weiman! Hahaha JK ;D )

Welcome newbies :D Hope to see you guys this Friday :D


hi everyone! newbie here.. 7g galant owner here.. hello to mymitsuph and vr force pips!.. and to all car clubs as well!  :D
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im also a newbie poster.. but i always visit this forum since.. also i have once attended an EB.. i think last 2003 at outback alabang...


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