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cd case?

Started by jbr230, October 12, 2005, 01:07:36 PM

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guys ano mga gamit nyo na cd case sa car nyo? yung parang libro na plastic ung sleeves or ung parang cotton? or yung stackable na column style lang na pang cdr? ive heard kasi na nakakasira daw ng mga cd yung parang book na style. is this true? dumidikit daw yung parts ng sleeve sa cd or something like that. any experience on this?

Protege Mania

the plasctic could potentially be softened by heat. If it happened to NBA and MAgic cards on a binder on my bookshelf, how much more for plastic in a car parked under the sun?

For my car's CD's I use only the original hard plastic CD cases. just keep em in the glove box, tested leaving one in there and two in the seat pockets, the one in the glovebox was much closer to ambient. Now taht I've upgraded to MP3 in my car I only bring along 3 thin jewel cases of MP3 CD-Rs.

A friend of mine also used a spare changer magazine that he keeps in a small bag in the trunk, stuffed with spare clothes which dampened it I guess. there were scratches eventually but very minimal, sort of regular wear and tear.



my case is like "heat resistant" or thats what it said in the box when i bought it. ive had it for quite a while now. all my cds still work and the plastic cotton sleeves  that holds my cds hasnt melted after the long peroids of time in the car being roasted under the sun.  ;D

dati kase with the ordinary case i had, the plastic melted on some of my cds. hassle.  :P


i use the book style also but i keep it under the passenger seat. wala naman problem so far  :D

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