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repair or buy a new one

Started by fluidsurf, December 06, 2005, 01:00:58 AM

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Guys, can u help me decide?

I have a black 96 Honda Civic LXI that has been in our hands for almost ten years now. Lately, some parts of my car are starting to get old and needs repair/replacement. These parts include tire rod, brake pads and many paint scratches. Even though my honda has these parts to be repaired, I'm still satisfied with its performance. Its still fuel efficient, can run at 140 kph and has still a quiet engine. Do you guys happen to know if at the age of 10 years, what other parts may have the tendency to breakdown?

I'm thinking of buying a new honda jazz 1.3 in place of my 96 civic lxi but I'm concerned with my budget. If i'm gone buy the new honda jazz, i'm gonna shed the amount of 450,000. and thats a lot of money.

If I refurbish my civic and revive its top form, how much would it cost given that I would have it repainted, repair the said damage parts and other parts that would possibly breakdown at 10 years, change my stereo, paint my mags and other details?

What autoshop can best do these things? Can you guys recommend a high quality auto shop?

Should I buy a new car or stick to my old civic?

thanks for the help guys


Mods please close/delete this thread as there is a duplicate thread in Talk Board..

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